Rose Trials.


Rose Society members enjoy the privilege of judging the entries in the City of Belfast International Rose Trials where the roses are assessed over a two year period.   Each judging cycle entails four visits to the Rose Garden in the first season followed by a fifth visit in early July of the following year.   Around thirty members make up the local judging panel, awarding marks from 80% of the total.   The remaining marks are awarded by an invited International Panel in late July.


Meetings and Events from our Programme

Meetings, held mainly in the winter months in Malone House, Belfast, give opportunity for many aspects of rose cultivation to be discussed.   Visitors are welcome at all meetings which start at 7.30pm.



  Rose Week 2016

All activities will take place in the
 Rose Garden, Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park,
between Monday 18th and Sunday 24th July.

An International Judging panel will assess the roses
that are under trial, on the morning of 21st July.

The Summer Rose and Flower Show will be held
in the Park on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July.