Local Rose History


Dicksons at Newtownards.

Northern Ireland has been a centre of rose breeding since the latter years of the 19th century when Dicksons of Newtownards came into prominence with a number of outstanding new introductions.   Famous roses produced by this nursery in the intervening years include  Shot Silk, Innisfree,Grandpa Dickson and Elina.   Success continues with Colin Dickson breeding several of the varieties chosen in the recent past as 'Rose of the Year' by the British rose trade.

Many visiting International Judges take the opportunity, during their tour,
to view the latest seedling roses at Dickson's own trial ground.





Introduced by Dickson in 1985,
this rose was added to the
World Rose Hall of Fame
during the International Rose Convention
meeting in Japan, May 2006 .

Elina is grown and enjoyed by many
throughout the world.